Bioethics Bulletin: Transparency is Key

Our Dr. Michelle Huckaby Lewis says prior consent may not always be necessary; however, burying informed consent within a terms of use agreement is not meaningful or ethical. Check out her recent appearance on Biocentury This Week, to discuss the ethical implications of research like Facebook’s emotional contagion study Read More >>

Untested Interventions and the Ebola Outbreak

As the Ebola virus continues to spread across West Africa, ethical challenges abound. Many are related to the use of untested interventions, and still others need to be addressed. See what our faculty have had to say about these daunting challenges Read More >>

Johns Hopkins GIM Housestaff Research Awards

Announcing the 9th annual national competition for Housestaff General Internal Medicine Research Awards. Five Awards are offered, each named for an internationally regarded mentor and researcher at Johns Hopkins whose primary faculty appointment is in the Division of GIM. These include the Jeremy Sugarman Award, recognizing research achievement in bioethics. Each award carries a cash prize and an invitation to attend a dinner and present the winning abstract to the faculty of Johns Hopkins GIM. Deadline for applications is Sept. 15, 2014 Read More >>

Webinar: Exploring the Ethics of Health Systems Research

Led by our Adnan Hyder and featuring our Joe Ali and Bridget Pratt. Join us for a lively moderated discussion where you can hear more about: The features of health systems research and examples of what it entails in practice; Distinctive ethical issues that arise during the conduct of such research; Challenges faced by ethics review committees when considering health systems research projects. This free webinar is August 5, 2014 9 – 10am EDT follow link for more information and to register Read More >>

Is Access to Health Care an Ethical Issue for Nurses?

By Patricia M Davidson, PhD, MEd, RN, FAAN Core values for nurses include promoting health, preventing illness and alleviating suffering. Does this also include improving access to health care? I would say yes. Across the world there is an increasing gap … Read More >>

Bioethics Bulletin: Preventing HIV in Infants

Our Holly Taylor comments on “Research into a functional cure for HIV in neonates, the need for ethical foresight”, a new paper she coauthored, and also prevention, access to care and our general failure to commit ourselves to the demands of social justice Read More >>