Bioethics Bulletin: A Self-Identified Frankenstein

Dressed in a guru-chic mauve tunic, Dr. Sergio Canavero paced a stage flanked by two enormous screens as he announced his plan to transplant a human head as early as 2017. Our Theo Schall went to hear him speak and reports, “It wasn’t boring”.

Bioethics Seminar Series: Michael A Erdek, MD

Pain Medicine and Palliative Care as an Alternative to Physician-Assisted Suicide in End-of-Life Cancer Care. Monday May 11, Noon. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Sheik Zayed Tower, Zayed 2117 (Arcade).
Open to all | Lunch will be provided

Bioethics Bulletin: No Justice, No Peace

Berman Institute Director, Ruth Faden writes that, while important, it is not enough to ensure that our criminal justice system becomes more just. “We must acknowledge that, for people like Freddie Gray, ours in not even a minimally just society… Until our cities become at least minimally just places for all children to grow up, there will be no peace.”