Ruth Faden receives 2017 Adam Yarmolinsky Medal from the National Academy of Medicine

Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics Founder, Ruth Faden received the Adam Yarmolinsky Medal at a ceremony on Monday, October 16, during the 2017 annual meeting of the NAM.

The Adam Yarmolinsky Medal, awarded to an NAM member from a discipline outside the health and medical sciences, honors distinguished service and contributions to the mission of the National Academy of Medicine.

“Faden, a bioethicist who has shared her expertise as a member of many National Academies’ committees since the late 1980s, is an oustanding scholar, teacher, and citizen, whose contributions to the NAM and the National Academies have been extensive and significant. In her work for the National Academies and Johns Hopkins University, Faden continues to set the agenda for emerging issues in bioethics and to prepare the next generation of scholars”, NAM. (Read an interview with Ruth Faden)

Dr. Faden was the Berman Institute’s Director from 1995 until 2016, and the inaugural Andreas C. Dracopoulos Director (2014-2016). Dr. Faden was, and is currently, the inaugural Philip Franklin Wagley Professor of Biomedical Ethics. In the twenty years in which Dr. Faden led the Institute, she transformed what was an informal interest group of Hopkins faculty into one of the leading and largest bioethics programs in the world.

Dr. Faden’s current research focuses on global justice theory and on national and global challenges in food and agriculture, learning health care systems, health systems design and priority setting, and access to the benefits of global investments in biomedical research. Dr. Faden also works on ethical challenges in biomedical science, with a particular focus on women’s health.

The Annual Meeting also included the formal induction of Berman Institute Director, Jeffrey Kahn, into the NAM as a member of the class of 2016.