Seminar Series

Speaker Lineup
Time: 12:00PM-1:15PM (unless otherwise noted) 

May 9

Ethics in the public health trenches: reflections from the three public health deans
JHSPH Centennial Celebration Seminar
Location: Sommer Hall, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health (Note, no lunch will be served)

  Michael Klag, MD, MPH ’87 – Dean

  Alfred Sommer, MD, MHS ’73 – Dean Emeritus

  D. A. Henderson, MD, MPH ’60 – Dean Emeritus

  Moderator: Nancy Kass, ScD ’89

Past Seminars


barnesSeptember 9, 2013: Mark Barnes
Learning Bioethics from the HIV Epidemic in Africa [YouTube]



pawlikSeptember 23, 2013: Tim Pawlik
Disclosure of Medical Information to Patients: Risks, Errors, and Prognosis; A Surgical Perspective [YouTube]



support-100x100October 14, 2013: Al Sommer, Jeff Kahn, and Renee Boss
The SUPPORT Trial and Implications for the Ethics of Research [YouTube]



gloverOctober 28, 2013: Jackie Glover (Sheila Hutzler-Rives Memorial Lecture)
The Cases that Keep You Up at Night: Preserving Personal and Professional Integrity [YouTube]



schwartzNovember 11, 2013: Jack Schwartz
MOLST and End-of-Life Decision Making: A Useful Catalyst or Just Another Legal Headache? [YouTube]



lacksNovember 25, 2013: Ruth Faden, Dan Ford, and Members of the Lacks Family: David Lacks and Veronica Spencer
HeLa cells, the Lacks Family, and Whole Genome Sequencing: A New Turn in the Ethics of Science? [YouTube]



sutherlandDecember 9, 2013: Andrea Sutherland
Introducing New Vaccines in India: Ethical Considerations in Advocacy and Policy [YouTube]



JuengstJanuary 13, 2014: Eric Juengst
Looking for Trouble: The Ethics of Opportunistic Genetic Screening in Adults [YouTube]



savitzJanuary 27, 2014: Lucy Savitz
Bioethics Issues in Delivery System Science [YouTube]



nissenbaumFebruary 10, 2014: Helen Nissenbaum
Big Data’s End Run Around Anonymity and Consent [YouTube]



shannonFebruary 24, 2014: Sarah Shannon (Sheila Hutzler-Rives Memorial Lecture)
Disparate Views at the End of Life: From Right to Die to Right to Live [YouTube]




leslie_meltzer_henry-100x100March 10, 2014: Leslie Meltzer-Henry
Moral Gridlock: Conceptual Barriers to Compensation for Injured Research Subjects



GroenfeldtMarch 24, 2014: David Groenfeldt
Toward An Ethical Response to the Water Crisis [YouTube]



whiteApril 14, 2014: Doug White
Conscientious Objection in Intensive Care Units



althaushoffmanApril 28, 2014: Diane Hoffman & Janyne Althaus
The Ethics of Personal Responsibility



malinMay 12, 2014: Brad Malin
Data Security and Privacy



nancySeptember 8, 2014: Nancy Kass, Trish Perl, & Tom Roberton
Ethics & Ebola: Challenges for Care Givers and for Public Health [YouTube]



sepinwallSeptember 22, 2014: Amy Sepinwall
Conscience & Complicity: Critical Reflections on Hobby Lobby and the ACA Exemptions it Licenses



ac62cac1-0d32-4a0c-9ca9-739094f36ef9September 29, 2014: Lene Koch
Negotiating Moral Value: A Story of Danish Research Monkeys




agarwalSeptember 29, 2014: Bina Agarwal
Food Security and the Small Farmer: The Politics and Ethics of Voice and Choice [YouTube]



lyerlyOctober 13, 2014: Anne Drapkin Lyerly
Risk & Responsibility: Ethics of Advancing HIV Research in Pregnancy



kleinmanOctober 27, 2014: Arthur Kleinman
Caregiving as a Moral Experience [YouTube]




marksOctober 30, 2014: Jonathan Marks
Public-Private Partnerships Related to Food and Health: Comparative and Global Perspectives, Ethical and Policy Implications [YouTube]



geller1-100x100Rushton_JHU1140_a_square-100x100November 10, 2014: Gail Geller & Cynda Rushton
The Role of Palliative Care in Chronic, Life-Limiting, Pediatric Diseases: The Case of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy [YouTube]



fanzoNovember 13, 2014: Jessica Fanzo
The Consideration of Ethics for Human Nutrition and Food Security in the Context of the Sustainable Development Goals [YouTube]



botkinNovember 24, 2014: Jeff Botkin
Newborn Screening: Issues at the Intersection of Public Heath, Ethics, and Genetics [YouTube]



pustilnikDecember 8, 2014: Amanda Pustilnik
Opening the Black Box: Criminal & Constitutional Law Implications of Brain-Reading Technologies [YouTube]



197eb554-3aec-4248-adc1-b8cd44d79a8c-100x100January 12, 2015: Yoram Unguru
Unreasonable Standard of Care or Simply Unreasonable? Clinical and Ethical Challenges in Caring for Children with Cancer in the Era of Chemotherapy Shortages [YouTube]



seminarJanuary 26, 2015: Josh Ewen, Mario Macis, Douglas Hough, Debra Roter
Rationality and Bias in the Consent Process: Perspectives from Behavioral Economics and the Social Sciences [YouTube]



informed-consentFebruary 9, 2015: Nancy Kass, Daniel Ford, Todd McNutt, David Katzelnick
Informed Consent, Learning Health Care, and Big Data [YouTube]




February 23, 2015: Joseph Millum
Who Are the Worst Off? Prioritarianism for Global Health Investments [YouTube]



bush-100x100KRothenberg-100x100March 9, 2015: Lynn Bush and Karen Rothenberg
Bioethics in Play: The Process of Informed Consent and the Disclosure of Findings in the Genomics Era [YouTube]


battinMarch 23, 2015: Peggy Battin (Sheila Hutzler-Rives Memorial Lecture)
A Contemporary Death [YouTube]



Nir_EyalApril 13, 2015: Nir Eyal
Justice in Risk Distribution



silvaApril 16, 2015: Diego Silva
Liberty, Public Health, and the Case of Tuberculosis [YouTube]



persadApril 21, 2015: Govind Persad
(How) Should We Incorporate Financial Risk Protection into Universal Health Coverage? [YouTube]



batemanhouseApril 23, 2015: Alison Bateman-House
Individual Pleas, Public Interests: The Dilemma of Compassionate Use [YouTube]



bonnie-2008-100x100April 27, 2015: Richard Bonnie
The Surprising Collapse of Marijuana Prohibition: What Now? [YouTube]



backMay 5, 2015: Anthony L. Back
22nd Annual Shallenberger Lecture in Ethics: When Ethical Conflicts Undermine Patient Care [YouTube]



fadenMay 7, 2015: James Childress, Michele Goodwin, Alvin Roth, Debra Satz
2015 Robert H. Levi Leadership Symposium and Carey Symposium in Markets and Ethics
Everything for Sale? The Ethics and Economics of Compensation for Body Parts [YouTube]


erdekMay 11, 2015: Michael Erdek
Pain Medicine and Palliative Care as an Alternative to Physician-Assisted Suicide in End-of-Life Cancer Care [YouTube]



liberian_seminarJune 18, 2015: Nelson Dunbar, Edward G. Smith, and Jemee Tegli
Ebola: In the Trenches – Perspectives from Liberia [YouTube]




schwartzSeptember 28, 2015: Jason Schwartz
Equity and U.S. Vaccination Policy [YouTube]



hudsonOctober 5, 2015: Kathy Hudson
Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Revisions to the Common Rule



dy__sydneyOctober 12: Sydney Dy (Sheila Hutzler-Rives Memorial Lecture)
Reconsidering the Ethics of Patient-Centered Pain Management at the End of Life [YouTube]



TBOctober 26, 2015: Tom Beauchamp
The ‘Right to Die’ and the Regulation of Medicine [YouTube]



diekemaNovember 9, 2015: Douglas Diekema
OMG, What R They Thinking? Adolescent Brain Development & Implications for Decision Making [YouTube]



Truog-2009-2300-KBNovember 23, 2015: Robert Truog (Sheila Hutzler-Rives Memorial Lecture)
Microethics: The Ethics of Everyday Practice [YouTube]



mathews-100x100kahn_2014-100x100December 14, 2015: Debra Mathews, Jeffrey Kahn
Should We Modify Our Genome?: Basic Research and Rogue Clinics



GreeneJanuary 11
Jeremy Greene, MD, PhD, MA
Medicine At a Distance: The Recurring Ethical Challenges of Telemedicine [YouTube]



Mark-Rothstein-photo2January 25 – POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER
Mark Rothstein, JD
Citizen Science on Your Smartphone: An ELSI Research Agenda



hydersqFebruary 8
Moderator: Adnan Hyder, MD, PhD, MPH
Panelists: Nancy Kass, ScD; David Peters, MD
International Health & Ethics: Confronting Emerging Challenge [YouTube]

Cosponsored by the Department of International Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


savulescusqFebruary 22
The Science and Ethics of Moral Enhancement [YouTube]

Julian Savulescu, PhD



Tarzian PRESS PHOTOMarch 14
The Maryland MOLST program: Findings from a statewide survey and implications for practice [YouTube]

Anita Tarzian, PhD, RN


kahn_2014-100x100March 28
Mitochondrial Replacement: Ethics, Policy, and Implications
Jeffrey Kahn, PhD, MPH
Location: Feinstone Hall, Bloomberg School of Public Health


IMG_5581April 11
The Ethics of Randomized Quality Improvement
Jerry Menikoff, MD, JD
Location: Feinstone Hall, Bloomberg School of Public Health


Ellen Wright Clayton

April 25
What Should We Do With Biobanks?
Ellen Wright Clayton, MD, JD
Location: Johns Hopkins Hospital, Zayed 2117(Arcade)