Short Course

Bioethics Certificate

The Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have partnered to offer a new certificate in Bioethics and Health Policy. The new certificate’s educational objectives are to: 1) To develop students’ ability to recognize and analyze a moral problem in public health practice, research, and health policy; 2) To develop students’ ability to further public policy debate concerning moral problems in public health practice, research, and health policy.

Intended Audience

Open to students enrolled in any graduate degree (Masters or Doctoral) program at Johns Hopkins (all divisions).

Admissions Criteria

  1. Prior admission to a Johns Hopkins University graduate degree program.
  2. Letter to faculty sponsor requesting admission, outlining courses to be taken and providing an estimated timetable for completion.
  3. Written permission from the student’s faculty advisor.
  4. Admission into certificate program must be obtained prior to enrollment in last course required for completion. Admission at the beginning of the student’s matriculation, or shortly thereafter, is encouraged. Certificates will not be granted retrospectively upon course completion.

Course of Study

19 Total Units

Required Core Courses (7 units required)
306.625 Ethical Issues in Health Policy: Public Health and Health Care (3) 2nd term
306.665 Research Ethics and Integrity: US and International Issues (3) 3rd Term*
300.840 Special Studies in Health Policy and Management (1) 4th Term
(Students will be required to attend 8 or more ethical related seminars during the academic year.)

Elective Courses (minimum of 12 units)
306.861 Graduate Doctoral Seminar in Bioethics (1) TBA Term
306.655 Human Rights for Public Health Practitioners (2) 3rd Term
306.650 Public Health and the Law (3) 3rd Term*
306.663 Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Services Management (3) 3rd Term*
306.655 Ethical Issues in Public Health (3) 4th Term**
306.721 Social Justice Theory and Public Health (3) 4th Term***
415.623 Ethics and Socio-cultural Implications of Genetic and Reproductive Technologies (2) 4th Term****
187.625 Animals in Research: Law, Policy and Humane Sciences (2) 4th Term (Course offered online)
221.616 Ethics of Public Health Practice in Developing Countries (2) 4th Term
306.630 Global Health law and Policy (3) 4th Term
650.430 Moral and Legal Foundations of Privacy (5) Homewood 3rd/4th Terms

*Courses offered during Summer or Winter Institute may be substituted with permission of faculty.
** Offered every other year, next offered 2011-2012.
*** Offered every other year, next offered 2010-2011, consent of instructor required.
**** Offered every other year, next offered 2010-2011.

Requirements for Successful Completion Completion of the core and elective courses in good standing (minimum GPA 3.0). All courses must be taken for a grade.


Faculty Sponsor
Holly Taylor

Faculty Co-Sponsor
Nancy Kass

Administrative Contact
Judy Holzer