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Bold Ideas

Summit participants collaborated on bold ideas in four domains:

  • Clinical practice
  • Education
  • Research
  • Policy

In assessing these ideas, participants took into account the current state of the science and any gaps in knowledge, practical aspects of implementation, and systemic changes that would be needed. They also tied these ideas to the touchstones at the foundation of nursing ethics.

In a round-robin of voting, ideas were sorted and, ultimately, one major idea was selected in each domain for development within the Blueprint (the bold items in the table below). The exercise produced many additional good ideas, and others may find inspiration in the table below. Some ideas may be too much of a stretch, and some may be appropriate in certain settings. Still, they may stimulate new thinking, as they did among summit participants.

Additional Resources

Clareen Wiencek writes about nurses’ obligations to improve end-of-life care and help patients die well in a #nursingethics blog post.
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