Ideas for a Call to Action

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Below are a few ideas to stimulate your thinking on what you or your organization can do to advance the vision.

As an organization, we can…

  1. Explore what your organization wants to be known for related to nursing ethics.
  2. Incorporate ethics into your strategic vision and plan. Where is ethics visible within your organization’s strategic plan? Where are there opportunities to align ethics content with current activities and initiatives?
  3. Include ethics content in upcoming conferences.
  4. Focus attention on ethical issues that impact nursing practice in your organization’s publications, newsletters and media vehicles.
  5. Join with other organizations to deepen the dialogue around one of the 4 domains—clinical practice, education, policy, and research.
  6. Sponsor a work group to refine or implement all or part of the action plan in a key domain.
  7. Use the Blueprint for 21st Century Nursing Ethics to engage members within your chapters or local communities to develop local working groups to address key areas of the action plans.
  8. Be creative! Develop a new action step that you are committed to implementing.

As an individual, I can…

  1. Share the vision with your colleagues and ask them to sign the pledge and make a commitment to action.
  2. Collaborate with one of the collaborating partners to implement one of the action items in the blueprint.
  3. Create conversations about the report with specific colleagues or groups that may have interest in one the domains—clinical practice, education, policy or research.
  4. Engage inter-professional colleagues in designing a plan to advance one of the areas of the blueprint.
  5. Submit your information for inclusion in the directory of nurses with expertise in ethics.
  6. Write a blog post about an issue that addresses a contemporary issue in nursing ethics.
  7. Write an op-ed about the issues that keep nurses up at night.
  8. Convene a local nursing leadership meeting that includes key stakeholders in clinical practice, education, policy and research to develop a local blueprint for addressing issues in nursing ethics.
  9. Be creative! Develop a new action step that you are committed to implementing!

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