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What’s Next?

Project organizers and partner organizations will be moving forward over the next year to:

  • Disseminate the report and the blueprints for clinical practice, education, policy, and research
  • Refine, collaborate on, and implement portions of the action plans
  • Create a directory of nurses with expertise in ethics
  • Prepare for launch of the ANA revised Code of Ethics, June 2015
  • Collaborate with others to increase visibility of nursing ethics within healthcare
  • Engage the public in dialogue about ethical issues in healthcare
  • Align the Blueprint for Nursing Ethics with the strategic priorities of professional nursing organizations
  • Secure endorsements of the following pledge, intended to capture the spirit of collegiality and commitment from the summit:
Ethics is a critical part of everyday nursing practice. Nurses in all roles and settings must have the knowledge, skills and tools to uphold their professional values.  We pledge to work together to support and safeguard the professional values of nurses–and all health care professionals–and to strengthen a culture where they are able to practice ethically.

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What Success Looks Like

Nurses working in a supportive context are more able to practice according to their ethical values and to emphasize other important attributes like compassion, good communication, and teamwork. When asked to describe the essential qualities of nurses who are practicing ethically, summit participants produced a lengthy list, displayed in the word cloud below.


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