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The Vision

Ethics is a critical part of everyday nursing practice. Nurses in all roles and settings must have the knowledge, skills and tools to uphold their professional values. We pledge to work together to support and safeguard the professional values of nurses – and all health care professionals – and to strengthen a culture where they are able to practice ethically.

These individuals and organizations have pledged their commitment to making the vision a reality:


American Academy of Nursing
American Association of Critical-Care Nurses
American Nurses Association
American Organization of Nurse Executives
American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses
Association for Nursing Professional Development
Association of Community Health Nursing Educators
Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses
Christiana Care Health System
Georgetown University School of Nursing and Health Studies
Hudson Valley Nursing Collaborative to Advance Research & EBP
Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing
Larkin Community Hospital
Maryland Nurses Association, District 3
National Association of Catholic Nurses
National Council of State Boards of Nursing
National League for Nursing
National Student Nurses’ Association
Northland Hospice
Organization for Associate Degree Nursing
Oncology Nursing Society
Sigma Theta Tau International
Sojourn Communications
The Center for Practical Bioethics
The Truth About Nursing


To advance the vision, I will…

Clydemikee Aguirre I pledge to work to support and safeguard the professional values of nurses–and all health care professionals–and to strengthen a culture where they are able to practice ethically.
Kathy Altergott I will practice ethically and provide education on ethics to our nurses and staff.
Tameca Anderson I will maintain my integrity at all times!
Jiji Andrews Increase awareness among nurses about ethics and the policies among nurses
Laurie Badzek Continue to work through my leadership role to increase nursing and other health provider knowledge and application of ethics in the healthcare practice setting.
Ryan Bannan – Submit an article on ethics for Imprint magazine.
– Share my experiences at the ANA Ethics Symposium with the Board of Directors for NSNA and other members
– Share this pledge sign up on social media
– Reflect on ways to build my personal ethical awareness, competency, and resilience on a regular basis.
Margaret Barton-Burke In my role as both faculty member and president of the Oncology Nursing Society, I will continue to ask the question about Ethics in Nursing.
Laura Baumgardner As a health system compliance professional and a nurse, I am often faced with challenging issues, especially relative to financial loss or recovery – versus patient choices, patient safety and end-of-life issues. I am called upon to provide balance and perspective as a clinician in an environment frequently at odds with nursing and patient needs. It is a challenge. I will continue to be a “voice” with ethical concerns in my workplace and to support clinical staff and patients, hopefully as a voice of reason tempered with ethical compassion.
Maribel M. Bhojani I uphold the standards of nursing practice and as such I am committed to practice in the best of my abilities making sure that I perform my responsibilities as a professional Registered Nurse ethically, hollistically and continue to safeguard our professional values. I believe in my profession and comprehensive quality ethical patient care and education both patients and staff are pivotal in my nursing role.
I pledge to support and safeguard our professional values and all healthcare professionals and to strenthen a culture where we are able to practice ethically!
Janet Blanchard I commit to bring the ethical nursing component to neonatal care in MN.
Gina Bohn Create/promote a caring professional practice environment for both patients and nurses.
Speak up when unethical situations arise.
Jessica M. Boyle I will be a nurse first, willing to stand up for my patients, and relentlessly striving to improve autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, justice, veracity, and fidelity.
Marion Broome Write an editorial based on the work of the summit
Brandy Brown As a new member of Maryland Nurses Association Ethics Committee, I was part of a panel of speakers about Nursing Ethics and Moral Distress, and Ways to Operationalize the Code of Ethics at the annual convention. I attend my hospital’s monthly ethics educational forums. I am a bedside nurse, and I am an advocate for palliative care consults. I will obtain my MSN in 2016, and I will take electives in bioethics.
Katherine Brown-Saltzman As the Co-chair of NNEC, utilizing the National Nursing Ethics Conference to continue to educate and mentor clinical nurses in ethics and increase awareness of the Nursing Summit
Denise Buonocore Disseminate this pledge
Jeannette M. Cassalia  
Guadalupe Castillo Continue to implement patient ethics in my work environment and do the best in my nursing practice
Alayna Chambers Read and re-read the code of ethics and be self-directed in staying up on the information available, and, share with my nurse leaders and my co-workers on a regular basis.
Mary A. Chiulli Provision 5 – Duty to self and others
Katherine Clark As a student, I will live the values inherent in practicing ethically including staying current on education in best practices and advances in bioethics as well as promoting the comprehension of ethical behavior and vision among my peers and faculty. As a faculty liaison for my student organization, I will use my responsibilities in order to promote ethics within my department and program so that a legacy of ethics and moral courage may be established for future cohorts.
Melissa Clemente I promise to recognize when a nurse uses her judgment to decide on the best ethical choice for her patient. As a future nurse, I will not let my personal values or beliefs interfere with my patients’ health care choices, especially when they differ from my own. I will always advocate on their behalf. I will provide them with all of the information they need to make informed choices regarding their healthcare.
Stacey Crane Perform nursing research ethically. As a nursing scientist I will inform other health care providers on enhancing the ethics of research as a whole, and nursing research in particular.
Elizabeth Crum I am committed to upholding patient rights within my own practice and encouraging other health care professionals and ancillary staff to do the same. I am a community member of the Medical Bioethics Committee at a hospital where I used to work and am actively engaged in promoting ethical practice in my current work setting through active participation in meetings and high level discussions. I also actively promote ethical decision- making by family members when the patient is incapacitated by providing education and the facts they need to appropriately come to decisions on their loved ones behalf.
Cheri Coakley Keep myself up to date on the issues and actions in the nursing ethics realm, and promote values and ethics in the classroom
Julie Conner Communicate the presence of the new Nursing Ethics document.
Ensure that my practice is in line with the the Standards.
Reference the document when situation requires it.
Barbara Daly Disseminate results of the summit.
Patricia Davidson Live according to these values and inspire and motivate others to do the same.
Nancy Deyhle I am attending an ANA webinar today talking about Ethics. I will continue to strive for the ethical options in my work as a critical care nurse.
Martha Donagrandi Encourage fellow nurses to become familiar with the Code of Ethics and to use the Code as a basis for nursing practice.
Amber Dorazio  
Jennine Easley I will address issue with fellow nursing concerning practices in nursing , and i will be committed to my patient and family member as well as my community .
Lynn Erdman  
Carolyn Espe To stop and think. To consider a bigger picture. To help make a difference for the individual.
Abigail Ewing I pledge to use self awareness to care for every paitent like they deserve to be regardless of their beliefs, values, or religion
Beth Fahlberg Share this with nursing students and practicing nurses.
Karen Fanazick Speak up
Cathy Farraher Every day, in every way, nurses need to maintain high ethical standards, both professionally and even more imortantly, as it impacts patient care.

I support the right of the Navy nurse to refuse to force feed detainees, and I am saddened to think that anyone would ever disagree with that. Nursing is supposed to help, not harm, regardless of the patient.

Barbara A. Fero Continue to teach ethics courses to nurses at every opportunity and include ethics principles in course materials for Health care Politics and Policy course that I teach.
Sarah Fine I will always ask questions when I don’t know something or when I am in doubt
Karen Ellen Fink I would like to become involved in this itiative as a nurse involved clinical and educational practices.
I commit to continue to uphold and teach the Code of Ethics in Ohio and the ANA Code of Ethics to my students.
Kristy Fisher I will provide ethical and culturally competent care to all of my patients. I will help educate others on culture and how different beliefs can effect healthcare.
Adam Flanick I pledge to work together to support and safeguard the professional values of nurses – and all health care professionals – and to strengthen a culture where they are able to practice ethically.
I pledge to promote cultural competent care.
Marsha Fowler Teach ethics
Advance the general awareness and utilization of the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses
Gretchen Franke To continue to be updated on best practices in the field of substance abuse treatment and maintain continuing education credits through out the year of 2015.
Shelly Garcia I will let my voice be heard if I find it necessary to keep my patient safe. I will continue to advocate for their care.

I will continue to grow and learn by as a nurse and be a role model for my peers by learning new updates and strategies, being the best nurse I can be.

I will strive to be the best Nurse I can be and encourage others to do the same.

Samantha Gary I will not put my judgments into my nursing care.
Patty Gawrys Request an ethics consult when plan of care for the patient conflicts with nursing ethics
Senait Ghebreghiorghis I commit to work according to professional values and ethics of health care system.
Emma Gilham I am on the Ethics team and will ensure that I attend all meetings this year. I will continue to support nurses and the profession of nursing and creating a culture which strives to perform and provide the best and safest care possible to every patient every day. Most importantly, maintaining a culture where nurses are able to practice ethically.
William Goetz 1. Keep learning and practicing skills
2. Self and other awareness
3. Dive into the problems, find the solution to the gaps; thinking about the problems from multiple perspectives may shed light to a slightly happier, more just side, this is the greener side of life on the other side.
4. Make the grass greener on all sides
Nancy T. Goodman To increase the content of ethical principles and ethical situations in the courses I teach. Also to facilitate the students understanding of potential ethical issues encountered in practice.
Teresa Goodell Integrate ethics learning into my teaching.
Kathleen Gregg I pledge to uphold and promote the Code of Ethics, and share knowledge, ideas and means with fellow nurses and other health care professionals. I pledge to be an advocate for patients and nurses in our practice.
Patricia Grimes I commit to keeping an open mind and soul as we travel new and challenging paths in an ever changing health care environment.

I commit to generously sharing my knowledge so as to lessen the burden of the novice and overwhelmed nurses I work with.

I commit to making the power of nursing visible through supporting legislation that enhances population health literacy and empowerment.

Hester Gunadi I pledge to work to support and safeguard the professional values of nurses–and all health care professionals–and to strengthen a culture where they are able to practice ethically.
I will disseminate the Blueprint for 21st Century Nursing Ethics to my organization and share it to my peers.
Amy Haddad Examine best practices in interprofessional resolution of ethical problems in clinical practice with a focus on the tools needed for all members of the team, including nurses, to communicate with each other.
Sheila Hahner I am working with a group to increase Ethical knowledge among the nurses at CHP.
Susan Hansen I will be asking each SNA member to sign the pledge along with all pre-nursing students and our faculty.
Carolyn Harris I teach interdisciplinary health care ethics and nursing leadership. I will continue to infuse current and relevant information, studies, and research in these courses to keep students abreast of ethical challenges and dilemmas and proposed ways to address them.
Debbie Hatmaker ANA endorses and will use our extensive communication channels and 2015 Ethics Symposium to advance the vision.
Courtney Hoagland I pledge to maintain the nursing code of ethics by providing culturally competent care to my patients. I pledge to ask individuals what their preferences for nursing care is and to provide that care in a respectful way.
Rosemary T. Hoffmann Incorporate ethics into orientation and clinical thinking
Educate nurses this Nurses Week as to ANA Code of Ethics
Serve as a role model as a nurse leader
Lynn Hollister I commit to include advances in the area of nursing ethics in my teaching of B.S. students.
Maeve Howett Commit to this vision personally and professionally, teach this vision to my students by role modeling ethical behavior and share this vision with patients, colleagues, and team members.
Brittney Jackson I commit to providing culturally competent care to all of my patient’s regardless of their circumstances. I will also advocate for my patient’s by educating others of the importance of providing culturally competent care.
Paige Johnson Move for implementation of ethics education for all advanced practice nurses
Tracy Kaltenbacher I am part of clinical education and we teach an ethics section in our new graduate nurse seminars. I pledge to keep my team updated with new information and advocate for ethics topic inclusion into our teaching
Christine Kantner I will take time to develop self-awareness before interacting with patients.
Ashley Kemper In order to advance this vision I will be the best nursing student I can be. In doing so, I will always give my 100% in all aspects discussed. Every aspect of my nursing student career and beyond nursing school will be display compliance by adhering to all codes of ethics.
Ellen King I will use my position as a nursing professor to help the new nurses entering the workforce to be a part of the solution, and not a part of the problem.
Linda Knodel Support the position statement.
Karen Koziol I will disseminate the blueprint for 21st century nursing ethics
Joan Kub Promote the vision while teaching core nursing courses. Incorporate material in classes.
Promote the vision as appropriate in my leadership in PHN organizations.
In writing a chapter on PHN ethics, be sure to use this document to convey appropriate material.
Melissa Kurtz  
Gerson Lagos-Tobar Step 1: I will assimilate and acquire knowledge, to the best of my ability, from all walks of life in order to be as culturally empathetic and accepting of others. By doing this, I can help and possibly set an example for others in order to create an environment that is accepting to everyone.
Step 2: I will advocate for equality and justice for all in order to create a fair environment for all of the people that work in the hospital setting.
Mary-Chris Lee I will do my best to instill ethical behavior and practice into the education of my students. I will try to ensure that ethical behavior is learned and then carried forward into practice.
Joan Liaschenko Continue to teach ethics to both nursing and bioethics students as well as continue to do clinical ethics consultation work. Through this work and through my writings, I will continue to raise concerns about the moral significance of care work to flourishing in this world.
Handakina Lintiso I pledge to safeguard the professional values of nursing and code of ethics.
Patricia Littlejohn 1] Share the “Blueprint for 21st Century Nursing Ethics: Report of the National Nursing Summit” with my CNO and nurse Exec team
2] Share appropriate (dependent on specific issue), ANA position statements with my facility’s ethics committee
3]Request my facility CNO purchase the newly revised “Guide to the Code of Ethics for Nurses”
Bethany Macker I will always be respectful to the different cultures that I encounter.
I will always be open to learning more about various cultures.
Dea Mahanes Work with nursing leaders to increase overall nursing knowledge of my hospital’s ethics resources, and comfort level with accessing those resources. Possible interventions include rounds on targeted units, and further development of a 1 page resource guide.
Lucy Marion 1. Encourage my College to commit as institution and my Academic Health System to commit as an institution
2. Advocate with College Administrative Team to include ethics teaching competency development in the 2016 strategic plan
3. Lead discussions among members of regional Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) Nursing Workforce Taskforce (education and practice leaders): transition from education to professional practice to ensure ethical practices
Carole Mccue Respect all aspects of ethics and the ANA code of ethics
Lynda McDonald Support continuing education and recognition of ethical concerns in the nursing realm as we expand our roles to work to the furthest outreach of our scope of practice. Nursing shortages will bring about new ethical challengestandards that we need to prepare for.
We must commit to retention and recruitment of nurses.
Aubrin Miale Practicing with the client’s welfare and wishes in mind and being a client advocate.
Catherine Miller Share the blueprint with my co-workers and incorporate into the curriculum for critical care at our facility.
Afua Mirekuaa Promote patient safety
Advocate for patients
Christine Mitchell Share information about the Blueprint, vision and plans as I work with nurses and others in clinical bioethics and public policy.
Margaret Moore I daily commit to :
Daily monitoring of myself in my delivery of care, to be mindful, to insure that my care demonstrates the standards of my nursing philosophy, and my professional nursing standards. Addressing and speaking up of inequities in the health care systems, maintaining a safe culture benefiting the patient, family and community.
Reflecting the inherent dignity, respect of each individual, maintaining a healthy work environment, supporting all healthcare professionals.
Completing a check list on myself, daily caring for myself.
Fayth Murphy Steps I will take to advance the vision are:
1. To keep up on current information, skills and tools that assist my personal values.
2. I will provide an environment that allows health professionals to practice ethically by supporting all health care professional’s values.
Judy I. Murphy Pray daily. Speak out against the culture of death. Do what is right.
Catherine Nelms In my role as an educator I will continue to make value/ethics a focus for students in practice.
Diana Newman Review and apply ethical principles in all areas of my personal and professional life.

Include ethical behaviors in thought and action whether convenient or inconvenient.

Do not become intimidated by the “values police” who try to diminish the voices of faith and reason.

Instruct those ignorant of ethical behaviors.

Douglas P. Olsen Continue to bring awareness of everyday ethics in nursing practice and its connection to policy in writing, presenting and teaching.

Work with international partners to promote nursing ethics as discipline and as essential to good nursing practice.

Dominic Owusu I pledge to uphold the code of conducts and ethical values of the nursing profession to protect the life of all patients.
Terry Pando We will be starting a Nursing Ethics Council and educating staff on the ANA Code of Ethics 2015
Genevieve Paule Speak my mind professionally and advocate for what I feel and believe is ethically right and appropriate for my patient’s well-being with their best interest in mind.
Walter Perez Search for ethics knowledge and apply it in the workforce.
Bro. Ignatius Perkins To promote and defend human dignity, freedom and human flourishing among all people regardless of age, color, gender, socioeconomic status, religion, culture, life-style, reason for illness or wherever they call home.
Stacy Perry I support the right for ALL individuals to have the right of free speech. We are all confronted, on a daily basis, to make decisions throughout our day, on a variety of issues. Some of these decisions may be “OK” and some many people may disagree with. But it is our right to do and say what we wish, taking risks and suffering consequences as needed.
I work in a skilled nursing facility, and there are still some 90 and 100 year old people who wish to be “FULL CODE’s”. I don’t necessarily agree with this decision, but I need to honor that decision they have made. I continue to educate the nursing staff here that this is the residents choice and no matter how WE feel about it, we need to respect their decision.
Daniel Picazo I pledge to provide culturally competent care by not holding any prejudices against any other religion, race, or culture.
Laurie Pittman Encourage, support, and use ethical practice in all facets of patient care.
Therese Principe After 25 years of nursing, I will do whatever I can to help this profession.
Gloria Ramsey Publicize the Summit’s goals and initiatives through publication and presentations at national interprofessional meetings; collaborate with peers to develop standards for teaching ethics (and health policy) to DNP and PHD students; serve as resource for nurses experiencing moral distress while caring for racially and ethnically diverse populations who are representative of health disparities they see in clinical practice.
Heather Reinig disseminate this pledge to fellow students and strive to be knowledgeable about ethical practices and perform ethically as a student as well as the nurse I intend to be.
Nancy Reller  
Cynda H. Rushton Disseminate the report and invite other nursing and health care organizations and individuals to support the vision. Support the ongoing development of the Summit website.
Diana Ruzicka Daily rosary – Prayer for success
Jeanie Sauerland Continue to work toward greater awareness of ethic issues within the organization and seek ways to proactively address these
Colleen Scanlon I will seek opportunities to promote the Blueprint and continue to pursue policy efforts that create ethical health environments for health care professionals and those they serve.
Sarah E. Shannon Advance the new ANA Code of Ethics
Work on an interprofessional level to advance the agenda
Kathleen Shelton I commit to promote and practice the professional values of nursing.
Marilyn Shirk I will continue to share information with my colleagues about the Nursing Ethics Summit, the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses revision, policies that support their advocacy for patients, families and selves.
Deborah Siebken Become a strong role model and advocate for nurses to practice ethically, professionally and responsibly.
Karen Stutzer I will assure that I incorporate the principles of the blueprint in my practice. I will assure that I spread awareness among the faculty and the students that I work with.
MC Sullivan Disseminate the doc broadly
Use the vision and materials as teaching tools
Cite and refer to vision and materials at all appropriate opportunities
Continue to work with organizers to grow the impact
Ramer Syquia I will commit to advance this vision by committing myself to a higher standard of care. By not taking any short cuts and by keeping myself accountable to the oaths, promises and truths I’ve made as a professional nurse.
Chia-Chun C Tang As a nursing researcher, I will accomplish the goal of advancing the state of the science in the focal area of nursing ethics, particularly ethics related to nursing education.
Anita Tarzian Review reports, collaborate with peers to develop standards for teaching ethics both interprofessionally and integrated into nursing school curricula, contribute to website according to defined priorities, help publicize the Summit’s goals and initiatives, serve as media contact.
Carole Taylor  
Susan Tenorio I will do my best to promote an ethical atmosphere to the nurses that I know by being a positive role model, always showing a good attitude in caring for patients as if they were my own family, taking the best possible care of patients, encouraging others to do the same, reading articles on ethics, participating in workshops about ethics, and always maintaining integrity in whatever I do. Also, I can share with others this vision and encourage them to sign this as well.
Janet Thurston Participate in the Montana Education Action Coalition activities to advance improved healthcare, with activities related to promoting Native American nurse workforce development and to nationwide promote Advanced Nurse Practitioner practice through Scope of Practice licenses that align with education, consistently state to state, removing barriers.
Martha Turner Disseminate the 2015 Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements for Nurses
Connie Ulrich Continue to voice my concerns through my writings and other venues as well as my leadership in nursing ethics.
Eugene Vallely Insure the Ethical Treatment of patients under my care.
Speak up when a patient is not being treated according to nursing standards
Not accept unprofessional behaviour from nursing or medical staff.
Patient Advocate especially when the patient is unable to make decisions regarding ongoing care.
Promote ethical treatment of all patients especially vunerable populations
Provide excellence in the nursing care given.
Edward Vetrecin I will constantly strive to stand up for the rights of patients.
Sarah Vittone To strengthen the culture and practice of nursing, I will teach undergraduates to live the values and practical aspects of the nursing code; through innovative teaching strategies, guide them to act as empowered advocates with patients and families; and through strategic and intentional methods create strong assertive new professionals who are adept at complex decision making and who fulfill effectively the due diligence required to promote patient autonomy and shared decision making. I will teach graduate nursing students to build on their experiences and through reflection and discernment to build their personal and professional skills as nurse leaders.Further, I will model and support practicing professionals in their day to day ethical challenges, highlighting the value they bring to the complexity of patient care and decision making.
Miriam A. Volpin Bring the ethical perspective to my teaching, interactions with students, colleages and other professionals.
Louise Wacker I pledge to support the professional values of nursing.
Mary K. Walton Continue to support, educate and mentor clinical nurses at the bedside who experience the moral burden of proximity to suffering. Continue to provide clinical ethics consultation services that address the everyday ethical issues that patients, familes and clinicians navigate in the acute care environment.
Engage the interrprofessional team in recognizing the person not only the patient in the clinical encounter.
Launch and develop a nursing ethics special interest group in my organization.
Develop organizational policies that promote ethical practice and person centered care.
Anne Ward I commit to support the efforts of this collaboration by maintaining and promoting nursing professionalism. I will continue to lead by example, and assist staff in identifying and managing issues as they present themselves. I will support an ethical workforce to promote safe, quality patient care, delivered by a highly motivated, high-functioning staff.
Perihan Warren Ethics is the most important aspect we as nurses practice, as well as being a patient advocate. I will continue to practice nursing as if I were caring for my own family members.
Erika Waynik To become a Family Nurse Practitioner.
Brian Wise I pledge to address the intentionality with which nurses on my unit are trained, both during the orientation process and through continuing education, to identify, process, and respond to the complex ethical situations we encounter on a regular basis.
Lucia D. Wocial  
Nancy Wolf 1. Communicate the vision to other nurses and students
2. Advocate when there is an ethical concern
3. Speak up to strengthen a culture of ethical practice
Ashley Wiese As a nurse I will follow my responsibilities to my patients and fellow team members to promote an ethically appropriate workplace.
Emily York I pledge to work to support and safeguard the professional values of nurses–and all health care professionals–and to strengthen a culture where they are able to practice ethically.
William Zellmer Make others, particularly leaders in pharmacy practice, aware of this bold initiative by nursing and discuss the prospects of collaborating with nursing and starting a similar initiative in another health profession.

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