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Resources on Nursing Ethics

In addition to the comprehensive bibliographies on clinical practice, education, and research, the following resources may be helpful to you in planning your own ethics journey as a clinician, teacher, researcher or policy maker. We welcome your suggestions for additional resources via the form below.


How the Work Environment for Nurses is Changing

“Getting” Cultural Diversity

  • Fadiman, A. (1997). The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down: A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors, and the Collision of Two Cultures. Farrar, Straus, & Giroux.
  • Washington, H. A. (2006). Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present. Anchor Books.

Clinical Practice Environment

Nursing Ethics Education

Ethics in Clinical Practice (selected articles from review of the literature)

  • Aliakbari, F., Hammad, K., Bahrami, M., & Aein, F. (2014). Ethical and Legal Challenges Associated with Disaster Nursing. Nursing Ethics, 0969733014534877.
  • Borry, P., Schotsmans, P., & Dierickx, K. (2006). Empirical Research in Bioethical Journals. A Quantitative Analysis. Journal of Medical Ethics, 32(4), 240-245.
  • Brorson, H., Plymoth, H., Örmon, K., & Bolmsjö, I. (2014). Pain Relief at the End of Life: Nurses’ Experiences Regarding End-of-Life Pain Relief in Patients with Dementia. Pain Management Nursing, 15(1), 315-323.
  • Burston, A. S., & Tuckett, A. G. (2013). Moral Distress in Nursing: Contributing Factors, Outcomes and Interventions. Nursing Ethics, 20(3), 312-324.
  • Harrison, R., Birks, Y., Hall, J., Bosanquet, K., Harden, M., & Iedema, R. (2014). The Contribution of Nurses to Incident Disclosure: A Narrative Review. International Journal of Nursing Studies, 51(2), 334-345.
  • Holder, K. V., & Schenthal, S. J. (2007). Watch Your Step: Nursing and Professional Boundaries. Nursing Management, 38(2), 29-30.
  • Özden, D., Karagözoǧlu, Ş., & Yildirim, G. (2013). Intensive Care Nurses’ Perception of Futility: Job Satisfaction and Burnout Dimensions. Nursing Ethics, 20(4), 436-447.
  • Park, M. (2009). Ethical Issues in Nursing Practice. Journal of Nursing Law, 13(3), 68-77.
  • Redman, B. K. (2005). The Ethics of Self-Management Preparation for Chronic Illness. Nursing Ethics, 12(4), 360-369.
  • Tabak, N., Itzhaki, M., Sharon, D., & Barnoy, S. (2013). Intentions of Nurses and Nursing Students to Tell the Whole Truth to Patients and Family Members. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 22(9-10), 1434-1441.

Ethics in Nursing Research (selected articles from review of the literature)

  • Aita, M. & Richer, M. (2005). Essentials of Research Ethics for Healthcare Professionals. Nursing and Health Sciences, 7:119–125.
  • Axelin, A. & Salanterä, S. (2008). Ethics in Neonatal Pain Research. Nursing Ethics, 15(4), SAGE Publications.
  • Sutton, L. B., Erlen, J. A., Glad, J. M., Siminoff, L. A. (2003). Recruiting Vulnerable Populations for Research: Revisiting the Ethical Issues. Journal of Professional Nursing, 19(2), 106-112.
  • Fouka, G. & Mantzorou, M. What are the Major Ethical Issues in Conducting Research?
  • (2011). Is there a Conflict between the Research Ethics and the Nature of Nursing?  Health Science Journal, (5)1, 3-14.
  • Grady C. (2009). Vulnerability in Research: Individuals with Limited Financial and/or Social Resources. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, Vulnerability in Biomedical Research.
  • Harrowing, J. N., Mills, J., Spiers, J., Kulig, J., & Kipp, W. (2010). Culture, Context and Community: Ethical Considerations for Global Nursing Research. The Authors Journal compilation, 2010 International Council of Nurses, pp 70-77.
  • Hoglund, A.T., Helgesson, E.G., & Ericksson, E.S. (2010). Ethical Dilemmas and Ethical Competence in the Daily Work of Research Nurses. Health Care Analysis 18:239–251.

Nursing Policy

Standards and Guidelines

Measurement Instruments

Audio/Video Resources

Social Media

  • Blog posts about critical issues in nursing ethics

Ethics in Nursing Education (selected articles from review of the literature)

  • Numminen, O., Van Der Arend, A., & Leino‐Kilpi, H. (2009). Nurses’ Codes of Ethics in Practice and Education: A Review of the Literature. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, 23(2), 380-394.
  • Numminen, O., et al. (2011). Comparison of Nurse Educators’ and Nursing Students’ Descriptions of Teaching Codes of Ethics. Nursing Ethics, 18(5), 710-724.
  • Park, M. (2009). The Legal Basis of Nursing Ethics Education. Journal of Nursing Law, 13(4), 106-113.
  • Peirce, A. G., & Smith, J. A. (2008). The Ethics Curriculum for Doctor of Nursing Practice Programs. Journal of Professional Nursing, 24(5), 270-274.
  • Harper, M.G. (2006). High Tech Cheating. Nurse Education Today, 26(8), 672-9.
  • Altmiller, G. (2012). Student Perceptions of Incivility in Nursing Education: Implications for Educators. Nursing Education Perspectives, 33(1), 15-20.

Ethics Organizations


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