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Matthew DeCamp

Assistant Professor

Matthew DeCamp, MD, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the Johns Hopkins Berman Institute of Bioethics and in the Johns Hopkins Division of General Internal Medicine.  A practicing internist, his current research focuses on ethical issues in health reform (focusing on accountable care organizations, ACOs).  With K08 funding from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, he is presently investigating how ACOs nationwide are engaging patients in board-level decisions about ACO priorities and programs, with plans to design improved engagement strategies.  Other interests include social media and medical professionalism, as well as ethics in global health (with special emphasis on short-term global health training). After graduating from Purdue University (2000) with a degree in biochemistry, he entered the Medical Scientist (MD/PhD) Training Program at Duke University.  His PhD (philosophy) thesis was entitled, “Global Health: A Normative Analysis of Intellectual Property Rights and Global Distributive Justice.” From 2008-2010 he was an internal medicine resident at the University of Michigan before completing a joint post-doctoral fellowship (2013) at Johns Hopkins in General Internal Medicine and Bioethics & Health Policy (through a Greenwall Fellowship).  Dr. DeCamp’s research includes both conceptual and empirical methods.  Additional relevant experience includes Institutional Review Board membership, as well as teaching and mentorship recognized with a 2013 Excellence in Global Health Advising Award by the Johns Hopkins Center for Global Health.  He regularly teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on topics in bioethics, human rights, and clinical ethics (with a focus on justice).

Recent Publications

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