Heidi Holtz

Heidi Holtz is a Hecht-Levi Fellow at the Berman Institute of Bioethics and a Research Scholar at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  Heidi received her PhD in Nursing Science at Indiana University.  As a PhD student, Heidi developed a program of research on nursing students’ experiences and consequences of faculty incivility.  Incivility in nursing, medicine, education, and clinical practice create critical ethical dilemmas that affect communication, trust, mental and physical well-being, and damage the culture of safety for patients and clinicians.  During her Hecht-Levi Fellowship, Heidi’s goal is to contribute to the development of interventions and policies to reduce and/or prevent the frequency of moral distress and burnout amongst healthcare providers.  Heidi has a special interest in researching the construct of moral resilience and applying that research to develop innovative approaches to foster moral resilience in healthcare environments.