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Marie T. Nolan


PhD, The Catholic University of America
MS, Boston College
MPH, George Washington University
BS, Niagara University

Recent Publications:

6: Zou, H., Li, Z., Nolan, M. T., Arthur, D., Wang, H., & Hu, L. (2013).  Self-management education interventions for persons with schizophrenia: A meta-analysis. International journal of mental health nursing22(3), 256-271.

7: Jie, B., Jiang, Z. M., Nolan, M. T., Zhu, S. N., Yu, K., & Kondrup, J. (2012). Impact of preoperative nutritional support on clinical outcome in abdominal surgical patients at nutritional riskNutrition28(10), 1022-1027.

8: Foradori, M. A., & Nolan, M. T. (2012). Effect of a study map intended to support informed consent in transplant research. Progress in Transplantation,22(1), 56-61.

9: Hinds, P. S., Feetham, S. L., Kelly, K. P., & Nolan, M. T. (2012).  “The family factor” knowledge needed in oncology research. Cancer nursing35(1), 1-2.

10: Nolan, M. T., Liu, H., Li, Z., Lu, C., & Hill, M. N. (2011). International doctoral education partnership: the first full-time doctoral program for nurses in china. Journal of Professional Nursing27(6), 354-361.

11: Sharma, R. K., Hughes, M. T., Nolan, M. T., Tudor, C., Kub, J., Terry, P. B., & Sulmasy, D. P. (2011). Family understanding of seriously-ill patient preferences for family involvement in healthcare decision making. Journal of general internal medicine26(8), 881-886.