Yoichiro Oka, MBE

I am Yoichiro Oka, MD, MPH, PhD. I have been working as a pediatric surgeon for approximately 20 years in Japan, treating a wide range of pediatric cases. A catastrophic disaster in 2011 made me change my focus from the downstream to the upstream of the healthcare service. So I applied for studying public health in the United States in 2014. During this study, I was especially interested in bioethics since its power could help reform the current universal insurance system in Japan. Although many Japanese are benefiting from it, the monetary burden caused by increasing excessive demand from patients and imprudent healthcare delivery form physicians could stop the service in near future without some reformation. So I will pursue to find the bioethical approaches to optimize the balance between demand and supply of healthcare under the current system in Japan. I would like to return to Japan to contribute to improving the health care system service upon graduation.