Planetary Boundaries of Global Animal Food Production and Consumption: Decision-Making Tools for Social Change in Diverse Food Systems

This project tackles health, environmental, economic and ethical challenges in the predictable worldwide increase in the production and consumption of animal-source foods, with a focus on large-scale case studies in specific countries (Brazil, Ethiopia, India and the United States). Using a combination of research methods, including modeling, empirical research, practical ethics and political economy analysis, this project aims to provide a framework for solving one of the greatest health and environmental challenges of this century. This project is in an advanced stage of planningĀ and is organized by the Berman Institute in collaboration with the Bloomberg School of Public Health, the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, and on-site partner institutions. It expands on a project idea featured in theĀ 7 by 5 Agenda: Ethics of Meat Consumption in High-, Middle- and Low-Income Countries.