JHU Exploration of Practical Ethics: Round One, 2016-2017

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Symposium of Projects by Awardees of the JHU Exploration of Practical Ethics Program
Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hosted by Jon Spaihts, screenwriter of Prometheus, Passengers,
Doctor Strange, and The Mummy

(Link for Q&A’s and additional information about practical ethics projects)

Johns Hopkins faculty have been awarded funding for nine projects in the area of practical ethics. The first recipients in the JHU Exploration of Practical Ethics program are examining a wide range of subject areas, including criminal justice, higher education, economics, and environmentalism.

“We are thrilled with this outcome,” says Ruth Faden, founder of the Berman Institute, who helped shape the award opportunity. “The response from the Hopkins faculty was amazing, and the quality of the proposals is just extraordinary.”

The JHU Exploration of Practical Ethics Call for Proposals aims to stimulate innovative work in practical ethics by Hopkins faculty members. Practical ethics is an interdisciplinary field of study that takes on ethical issues arising in professions and scholarly disciplines, within institutions, and in society. This field encompasses a wide range of areas and topics in artistic endeavors, biological sciences, biomedical research, business, clinical practice, education, engineering, health care, human interactions with non-human animals and the natural environment, the humanities, international relations, the natural sciences, public health, public policy, and the social sciences.

The deep disciplinary expertise at Johns Hopkins University, combined with a desire to address some of the world’s most vexing social and ethical challenges, provides a unique environment in which to forge new understandings and new solutions in the realm of practical ethics. Within the University, the Berman Institute was established to address ethical challenges in clinical care, public health and health policy, and biomedical science.

The University now seeks to develop the interest and capability of Hopkins faculty to engage with other areas of practical ethics that lie outside the scope of bioethics or reach beyond it to where pressing ethical issues and challenges also abound. The JHU Provost and President, the Director of the Berman Institute, and the Deans of six University divisions – the Carey School of Business, the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences, the Peabody Institute, the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), the School of Education, and the Whiting School of Engineering – have allocated funds to support a set of pilot activities on practical ethics within and across these divisions. These funds have been matched by a gift from University Trustee Andreas Dracopoulos.

The PIs, co-investigators, and the nine projects that were chosen are:

Judah Adashi, faculty, Composition and Music Theory, Peabody Institute. Project title: Unseen: Kalief Browder, Mass Incarceration, and Solitary Confinement (project description)

Ryan Calder, assistant professor of sociology and Islamic studies, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. Project title: Can Shariah Prevent the Next Financial Crisis? Systematic Stability and the Ethics of Islamic Financial Engineering (project description)

Jessica Fanzo, Bloomberg Distinguished Associate Professor of Ethics and Global Food & Agriculture, SAIS and the Berman Institute of Bioethics. Co-investigators: Alan Goldberg, professor, Bloomberg School of Public Health and Paul Lubeck, senior research professor, SAIS. Project title: Understanding and Addressing Moral Dilemmas of Sedentarisation of Pastoralists: Practical Ethics of Mitigating Conflict Amongst Water and Food Resource Constrained Populations in the Northern Kenya Semi-Arid Lands (project description)

Erik Helzer, assistant professor of management, Carey Business School, and Andrew Talle, faculty, Musicology, Peabody Institute. Project title: Understanding the Benefits of Highly Specialized Training (project description)

Feilim Mac Gabhann, assistant professor in Biomedical Engineering and the Institute for Computational Medicine, and Israel Gannot, associate research professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, both in the Whiting School of Engineering. Co-investigator: Debra J. H. Mathews, associate professor, Berman Institute of Bioethics and Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine. Project title: Practical Ethics for Future Leaders: Interdisciplinary Education Modules for Innovation (project description)

Mario Macis, assistant professor of economics and management, Carey Business School. Co-investigators: Vikram Chib, assistant professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine, associate faculty, Carey School of Business, research scientist, Kennedy Krieger Institute; and Jeffrey Kahn, the Robert Henry Levi and Ryda Hecht Levi Professor of Bioethics and Public Policy in the Berman Institute of Bioethics, professor, Department of Health Policy and Management, Bloomberg School of Public Health. Project title: Altruism, Ethics, and Markets: A Behavioral and Neuroscientific Experimental Study (project description, see also: Would You “Donate” Your Kidney for $1,000?)

Anand Pandian, associate professor and director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Anthropology, Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. Project title: Environmental Ethics in American Life: An Anthropological Inquiry (project description)

Beverly Silver, professor and chair, Department of Sociology, and director, Arrighi Center for Global Studies, and Daniel Pasciuti, assistant research scientist, Department of Sociology and Arrighi Center for Global Studies, both in the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, in collaboration with the Faculty Advisory Board of the Johns Hopkins Arrighi Center for Global Studies. Project title: The Practical Ethics of University Community Engagement: Lessons From the Local and Global (project description)

Lindsay J. Thompson, associate professor, and Sylvia Long-Tolbert, assistant professor of marketing, both in the Carey Business School. Co-investigator: Cynda Hylton Rushton, the Anne and George L. Bunting Professor of Clinical Ethics and Nursing, School of Nursing; core faculty, Berman Institute of Bioethics; joint appointment in Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine. Project title: Moral Resilience: Transforming Moral Distress (project description)

Round Two Awardees