Department of Surgery: Educational Projects

Department of Surgery Residency Program

Intern Ethics Lab: Starting in the academic year can you help me with my homework 2007-08, at the request of the surgery residency program director, Drs. Carrese, Hughes and Moon developed and implemented an “ethics educational lab” for surgery interns. This ethics educational lab experience has been a mandatory part of the training curriculum for surgery interns for the past several years and is repeated annually.  It is a 3 hour small group session (4-11 interns per group), involving knowledge and skill-building exercises to teach about two important ethics issues: (1) delivery of bad news and (2) obtaining informed consent. This interactive session includes didactic teaching, participation in and observation of a simulated patient encounter, reflection and discussion. A case scenario was developed for each topic to guide the role plays. The breaking bad news role play was based in part on work previously done by Dr. Mary Catherine Beach.

Resident Ethics Lab: Based on the success of the intern ethics lab, Drs. Carrese, Hughes, and Moon were invited to develop an ethics lab for second and third year surgery residents in academic year 2008-09. The resident lab developed uses a similar approach to the intern lab, but focused on two new topics: (1) dealing with difficult patients and (2) teamwork and managing conflict. The resident lab will be repeated bi-annually.

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