PoECP: Education


PoECP endeavors to improve the educational experiences in clinical ethics for medical students, nursing students, residents, and other clinicians.

Education Efforts

The Hopkins Medical School Curriculum is currently being reformed. Listed below are parts of the curriculum that are or will be related to ethics.

Scholarly Concentrations Course

This course will promote in-depth learning and scholarship through additional coursework and an independent mentored project in an area of individual interest, and broaden student’s perspectives on available career paths. Students can choose to pursue a concentration related to ethics: Ethics, Humanities, and the Healing Arts.

  • Ethics, Humanities, and the Healing Arts will focus on the moral, social and humanistic dimensions of medicine and healing. Students will use cross-disciplinary methods from ethics, philosophy, integrative medicine, social science, film, literature, art, and law to conduct a scholarly project that could, but would not necessarily, be hypothesis-driven and/or involve data collection. Students who pursue a year-long experience could apply for a Masters in Public Health, Masters in Philosophy, or Masters in Healing Arts (from The Tai Sophia Institute).
  • The Horizontal Strands (Communication, Cultural Competence and Ethics course objectives) are themes that will be woven throughout the entire four-year medical school curriculum. The strands are split into two categories: biomedical and social/behavioral.
  • The Healer’s Art is course for first year medical students and includes curriculum to help medical students identify, strengthen and cultivate the human dimensions of the practice of medicine.
  • Nursing students and residents can take Theoretical, Philosophical and Ethical Aspects of Advanced Practice
  • Harriet Lane Compassionate Care program
  • Ethics in Clinical Practice Project (Surgery, Medicine, Pediatrics)
  • End of life decision making

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