PoECP: Research

PoECP faculty are involved with collaborative empirical research on ethical issues related to clinical practice. Listed below is a select list of active empirical research being conducted by Berman Institute faculty on ethics issues in clinical practice.

Ethics in Clinical Practice: Areas of Active Research

  • Ethical issues in everyday clinical practice
  • Ethics and cultural diversity
  • End of life: decision making, dementia
  • Transplantation: living kidney donor
  • Spirituality and religious beliefs of ophthalmology patients
  • Respect and trust: sickle cell disease
  • Respect and communication: HIV
  • Integrity, authenticity, care and decision making: muscular dystrophy patients
  • Moral distress and suffering: genetic counselors and nurses
  • Inequalities, resource allocation, and communication: breast cancer survivorship care from patient and provider perspectives

Berman Institute faculty are actively involved as leaders in the three main HEC’s in the Johns Hopkins system, as listed below:

Johns Hopkins Hospital:

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center:

Currently there is no formal relationship between the Berman Institute and the three main Johns Hopkins‘ HEC’s. However, as noted, Berman Institute faculty are active leaders and members of these committees. Going forward PoECP faculty will participate in a dialogue that carefully considers whether the Berman Institute and its faculty might become more formally involved with the HEC’s (for example, with respect to training and CME; perhaps facilitating harmonization across HEC’s with respect to policies and practices).

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