Conferences and Workshops

Bellagio Meeting on Social Justice and Influenza Sponsored by The Rockefeller Foundation

The Bellagio Meeting brought together an international group of experts in public health, animal health, virology, medicine, public policy, economics, bioethics, law and human rights to consider the most pressing social justice questions surrounding the avian and human pandemic influenza threat. July 2006 meeting participants focused on the needs and interests of the world’s most disadvantaged people. Since the meeting, the group has been working to distribute and implement the Bellagio Meeting Statement of Principles and various action checklists derived from the meeting. For more information, contact Alan Regenberg.

Hinxton Group

Named for the location of its 2006 meeting in Hinxton, England, the Hinxton Group is an international, interdisciplinary group of scholars exploring the ethical and policy challenges of transnational scientific collaboration in embryonic stem cell research. As many of these ethical and policy challenges continue to be raised by various national regulations, the work of the Hinxton Group continues. The group will expand in size and scope during its second meeting April 9-11, 2008. For more information, contact Alan Regenberg.

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