Ancillary Care in Public Health Intervention Research in Resource-Limited Settings: Researchers’ Practices and Decision-Making

This research project involves the collection of preliminary data on ancillary care practices and decision-making from public health researchers in three South Asian countries. As public health research is often conducted in settings where adequate nutrition, clean water, and sanitation are lacking and access to health care services is limited, some participants in public health research suffer illness and death from medical conditions beyond the condition being studied. The Berman Institute’s Maria Merritt and Holly Taylor are determined to learn more about these ancillary care practices. Research began in 2007.

Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit

The International Injury Research Unit (IIRU) is a multidisciplinary and interdepartmental research center affiliated with the Department of International Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Established in 2008, IIRU has been working in more than fifteen developing countries to reduce the global burden of injuries through research, teaching and advocacy. Berman Institute’s Dr. Adnan A. Hyder is part of the Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit team.

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