The Initiative for Pediatric Palliative Care (IPPC)

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IPPC is a project of the Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC), a global nonprofit organization that designs, delivers and evaluates pioneering programs aimed at addressing many of the world’s most urgent challenges in education, health, and economic opportunity. IPPC’s 25-hour curriculum and award-winning videos (available at were developed by a Consortium of leading children’s hospitals, the National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions, the New York Academy of Medicine, the Society of Pediatric Nursing, and the Association of Medical School Pediatric Department Chairs. After five years of conducting educational retreats based on the IPPC curriculum, EDC is now partnering with Florida Hospices and Palliative Care (FHPC) to coordinate planning and implementation of the retreats.  Contact FHPC at: Some of the activities found here are re-printed or adapted with permission of The Initiative for Pediatric Palliative Care. Copyright 2003 Education Development Center, Inc.

IPPC Curricula

The IPPC Curricula includes the following:

  • What Matters to Families: Speaking the Same Language (13 minutes) For use in Module 1, Activity 1 and Module 4, Activity 2.
  • What Matters to Families: Knowing Who We Are (14 minutes) For use in Module 1, Activity 2 and Module 4, Activity 4.
  • What Matters to Families: Big Choices, Little Choices (9 minutes) For use in Module 1, Activity 3.
  • There’s Gotta Be Another Way: Addressing Parents’ Fears About Opioid Analgesia (9 minutes) For use in Module 2, Activity 6.
  • I Need It to Make Sense: Reflections on Caring for Dying Children and Their Families (27 minutes) For use in Module 4, Activities 1 and 6.
  • Difficult Conversations in Pediatric Palliative Care (68 minutes) For use in Module 5, Activities 1, 2, and 3.

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