Facilitator Notes


Facilitator Note 1

This question’s purpose is to elicit behaviors which comprise the various dimensions of trust that were discussed in the previous plenary, which could include:

  • Keeping promises
  • Believing each other
  • Managing expectations
  • Honoring/respecting each other’s views
  • Telling the truth

Facilitator Note 2

Lead Group in discussion to fill in the following matrix (write on flip-chart).

Facilitator Note 3

As an example of how to apply the discussion on building and breaking trust, we are going to explore the concept of expectations, anger, and assumptions as examples of ways to build or break trust in the patient/clinician relationship. Frame the next section of the discussion in this way and keep the idea of building or breaking concepts in mind as you discuss the following.

Facilitator Note 4

If there is time, discuss the following topic of adolescent decision-making. If there is not enough time, skip to Application to Self and Home Institution.

Facilitator Note 5

The following plenary will cover the following themes:

  • Introduction to the Decision-Making Tool (DMT)
  • Exploration of a case example using the DMT