Course Offerings – Summer 2016

Foundations of Bioethics (PH 700.901)
  June 2016
Times:  TBD
Tuition:  $1055 per credit
Bioethics issues confront health care, public health, and science on a daily basis. This course offers an introduction to the foundational approaches to bioethics and discusses their application from both a historical and contemporary perspective. It will provide useful background for health care professionals, policy makers, researchers, students, and anyone interested in these critical issues. (2 credits)

This course offers an introduction to the foundational approaches and issues in bioethics, including a discussion of the history of the field and the issues that led to its birth and growth. Sessions will be led by senior faculty of the Berman Institute, offering students the opportunity to gain from the experience of some of the most respected scholars in the field. Faculty will present foundational approaches and lead discussions of issues based on their disciplinary expertise and experience in the field. Course topics include theoretical approaches to bioethics, ethics and policy in public health, research ethics, ethics in genetics and science, and clinical ethics. (2 credits)

Prison Health: Public Health, Human Rights and Ethical Dimensions (PH 700.903)
Dates:  June 2016
Times:  TBD
Tuition:  $1055 per credit for credit
Explores public health and clinical issues in health care in prisons and other detention facilities, taking into account human rights requirements and ethical concerns. The course provides an overview of the proper organization and management of health care in prisons, explores human rights issues arising in prisons such as solitary confinement and torture, and focuses extensively on the ethical issues arising for health practitioners working in prisons including response to hunger strikers, restrictions on clinical independence, involvement in discipline, and research. Course faculty are leading experts in prison health. (2 credits)